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SZ to have 20 colleges in a decade

The Shenzhen Municipal Government officially released a document on October 25 regarding the construction and development of tertiary education institutions in Shenzhen over the next 10 years.

As the first official document rolled out by the Shenzhen government to promote the city’s universities, it outlines an array of requirements and goals to be accomplished in the following decade, thereby making Shenzhen a center of key universities in South China.

Shenzhen will strive to have 20 or so universities that are expected to enroll around 200,000 students with 10 years’ efforts by 2025. Specifically, the universities will enroll more than 100,000 undergraduates and 40,000 postgraduates.

Among the 20 or so universities, three to five should rank among the top 50 universities in China, based on the document.

The strategy is believed to ensure that Shenzhen will have a big enough talent pool to nurture the city’s further development.

The guide also sheds significant light on the city’s preference for supporting schools and faculty related to livelihood and industrial development such as medicine, applied technology and sciences.

According to the document, Shenzhen will embrace cooperation with overseas tertiary education institutions in setting up campuses or schools in the city. Universities that are interested in collaborating with the Shenzhen government to build colleges here should rank among the top 100 in the world and rank among the top 20 for specific majors.

In a bid to encourage high-quality construction, the municipal government pledges to provide no less than 1 billion yuan (US$147 million) to support the jointly built universities and to set up other special funds for developing universities each year.

The government also pledges to support universities in setting up laboratories. Social support and donations for building laboratories are also encouraged.

Meanwhile, faculty from both home and abroad who are employed by these universities will benefit from a series of favorable policies, if they meet the requirements to be among Shenzhen’s top talents.

Source: Shenzhen Daily