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Special foundation set up for Shenzhen's preschool education

A special operation of a charity event that promoted preschool education took place at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in the morning of September 23.

Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau hosted the event, along with joint assistance from Shenzhen Education Development Foundation and Shenzhen Preschool Education Association.

The event gathered an array of education departments, institutions, charity groups as well as corporations with a purpose to bring in more capital into the development of preschool education systems.

Multiple methods were listed at the event including building up platform to integrate philanthropic and educational recourses, expanding charity investment to preschool education institutions in order to meet the residents' huge demand of preschool education resources.

The deputy director of the Municipal Education Bureau, Wu Jun, the chairman of the Shenzhen Education Development Foundation, Chen Guanguang, and the chief editor of China Teacher's Newspaper, Liu Huarong, attended the event.

Wu delivered a speech to show her gratitude to all people in Shenzhen that had been long paying attention, supporting and contributing the development of preschool education in the city.

"Shenzhen is a city that features a character of innovation and has been insisting on making innovations in preschool education," said Wu. The education bureau had developed an integrated system to support kindergartens and other preschool institutions. The system has been leading the country in terms of preschool education and provides meaningful experience, according to Wu.

Wu addressed that the purpose of the event was to attract more charity foundation. "The preschool education is a vast yet crucial filed that needs more investment," said the deputy director, who believes that with the joint social efforts, Shenzhen will have a better system for preschool education.

The chairman of the foundation, representing the non-profit organization, announced the launch a special fund for illuminating education in Shenzhen in a bid to attract more social funds.

Chen emphasized that all of the donations made to the special foundation will be used to enhance kindergartens and other preschool education institutions.

The chief editor of the newspaper thinks the establishment is an achievement made by the education practitioners and an innovative breakthrough.

Before the event finished, all of the representatives jointly launched this special foundation for preschool education.