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Shenzhen graduates back to publicize their colleges

This winter vacation made a difference for some Shenzhen graduates, as they became goodwill ambassadors of their present university — Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), publicizing policies of their university and sharing their study experience with alma mater.

From February 5 to 13, the shenzhen team of BJTU Social Practice Group visited Shenzhen Senior High School and Shenzhen Foreign Languages School, trying to provide a more vivid picture of university life, academic study as well as the current employment situation by sharing their personal experiences.

BJTU is a national first-class university under the Ministry of Education of China, which has a long history of 120 years.

“The university is oriented towards the new generation of transportation and ICT (information and communication technology), which coincide with Shenzhen’s future industries. Pursuing studies at our university is a sensible choice for many local high school students, which may open up more Shenzhen-based job opportunities,” said Wei Ke, the team leader of the Shenzhen publicity team of BJTU.

“We first made a list of topics that students would be most concerned with and then selected some of the priorities to start with,” said Zhao Dan, a student of BJTU and a member of the publicity team.

The list of topics included enrollment policies, liberal art majors in the university of science and technology, clothing, food, living and transportation differences between north and south of China.

Beijing Institute of Technology also joined in on the action to talk about the differences between Beijing and Shenzhen and the advantages of studying in universities in Beijing. “Such an introduction attracts the attention of students while eliminating the prejudice of Beijing,” said Zhang Xu, a member of the team.

As team members mainly feature freshmen students, the event really tackles a lot of challenges — from making PPTs to designing posters, preparing online and offline files to promotions as well as making contacts with their own alma mater.

It is reported that the during the winter holiday, not only students from BJTU, but many students of other universities and colleges were organized to return to their hometowns and promote their universities. As well, many university publicity groups, such as Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tongji University, make plans to visit famous high schools in Shenzhen annually.

Such publicity can on the one hand boost the influence of the university, attracting more top students to apply to them, and, on the other hand, provide senior high school students with the latest information for them to further their studies.

Source: Shenzhen Daily